Founded in 1983, the School of Business of Qingdao University of Technology is one of the earliest faculties of Qingdao University of Technology, with nearly 40 years of development. Its predecessor was the Department of Management Engineering of the former Qingdao College of Construction Engineering. In 1999, the Department of Management was established by merging the disciplines of economics and management, with undergraduate majors in engineering management, accounting and statistics; in 2000, the Department of Management Engineering was divided into the Department of Finance and Economics and the Department of Management due to the development of disciplines; in 2002, the Department of Finance and Economics was divided into the Department of Business and Economics; in 2004, the Department of Economics and Business was renamed as the College of Economics and Business; in 2018, The university adjusted the disciplines and majors, and the former School of Business and Economics merged with the former School of Business and Economics to form the new School of Business.


The College has 130 teaching staff. Among them, there are 106 full-time teachers. Among the full-time teachers, there are 14 professors and 48 associate professors, and the doctoral faculty rate is as high as 65%. At the same time, there are 56 on-campus master’s supervisors and 49 part-time off-campus master’s supervisors. Up to now, there are more than 2900 undergraduates and 300 master’s students in the College.

2.Disciplines and Specialties

The School now has two master’s degree authorized disciplines, namely Applied Economics and Business Administration, and three master’s degree authorized majors in Accounting, Applied Statistics and Asset Valuation. At the same time, there are seven undergraduate majors, namely Accounting, Marketing, Financial Management, Economics, International Economics and Trade, International Business and Statistics. Among them, Accounting and Marketing are national first-class undergraduate majors; Financial Management includes a general undergraduate major in Financial Management and a Sino-Swiss cooperation undergraduate major in Financial Management.


In recent years, the College has been awarded 3 Higher Education Teaching Achievement Awards in Shandong Provinces, 3 provincial-level teaching research and teaching reform projects; 1 course was approved as a provincial-level first-class undergraduate course; 1 course was approved as a provincial -level digital shared quality course for continuing education ,and 5 courses were put online on the Shandong Province Alliance Course Platform. Six teachers were selected for the first training project of high-end accounting talents (academic category) in Shandong Province; two teachers were selected as leading (reserve)accounting talents in Qingdao; one teacher won the first prize of the sixth “Super Star Cup” informatization teaching competition for university teachers in Shandong Province; one teacher won the first prize of the sixth teaching competition for university teachers in Shandong Province. One teacher won the second prize of the Sixth Shandong University Teachers Teaching Competition, one teacher was awarded as the first teaching master of Qingdao, and one teacher was awarded as the fifth Qingdao University Teaching Master. In addition, nearly forty teaching materials were published, including International Business Management, which was approved as a first-class teaching material for general higher education in Shandong Province.

4.Scientific Research

In recent years, the College has been awarded 11 national research projects, more than 30 provincial-level projects and more than 40 municipal and municipal-level projects, with a total vertical and horizontal funding of more than 10 million yuan. At the same time, more than 300 high-level papers have been published, and more than 30 monographs and textbooks have been published. In addition, the School has been awarded the second prize for outstanding achievements by the Ministry of Education, the second and third prizes for outstanding social science achievements in Shandong Province, 29 other prizes at the provincial level and above, and 19 other awards, and the School has won the title of “Outstanding Contribution to Scientific Research”.

5.Student Development

The College upholds the concept of “building up moral character” and attaches great importance to the education, management and service of students, and the quality of talent training has been steadily improved. In recent years, the College has been awarded the university-level “three whole education” advanced collective, the university-level May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Committee, and the student association “Yangfan Society” has been selected as one of the “Top 100 National Student Theory Study Associations”. Students were awarded the Youth Contribution Award of Shandong Province, Outstanding Students of Shandong Province, Thousands of Outstanding Students of Qingdao City, Outstanding Former Student Soldiers of Qingdao City, and the “Most Beautiful New District People” of Qingdao West Coast New Area. Students have won more than 100 awards in national and provincial science and technology competitions, and the typical practices of student work in the college have been widely reported by China Education News and Xinhua News Agency for more than 70 times.


6.Teaching Services

The College now has the Economics and Management Experimental Centre of Qingdao University of Technology, which includes 6 laboratories, including Comprehensive Practical Teaching Laboratory, Dazhiyi Cloud Accounting and Finance Laboratory, Virtual Simulation Practical Teaching Laboratory, Economics and Finance Laboratory, Intelligent International Trade Full Practical Training Laboratory and Digital Marketing Business Comprehensive Experimental teaching Laboratory, with a laboratory area of 1492.13 square meters. The laboratory provides hands-on teaching tasks such as computer, internship and practical training for students of accounting, financial management, economics, statistics, international business, international economics and trade, marketing, e-commerce and other undergraduate majors. In addition, the College’s library and periodicals reading room has a collection of over 20,000 books and over 140 academic journals, which can provide effective academic news and information for all majors and meet the study and research needs of teachers and students.       

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